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The House Arrest Department is located within the Adult Residential Center and operates on a hour bases. House Arrest involves a philosophy of strictly. The Juvenile House Arrest Program is the highest level of supervision available to youth in the community. House Arrest operates from within the Youth and.

Do you literally just have to sit in your house and you have an ankle bracelet on to monitor your location? Paul: They have gone towards an ankle bracelet monitoring as technology has advanced. They also have a device that plugs inline between the phone and the wall.

This device will ring at random intervals during the time that you are expected to be at home. Relatively speaking, I tend to be a bit more aggressive in my assessment of second and subsequent cases for trial. I say fight these charges in an effort to avoid the penalties. House arrest is no fun.

Smarter Sentencing in Johnson County, KS: What's Next?

Jail is no fun. Treatment is no fun. Random UAs are no fun.

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KSA , concerning the form used for registration, is amended to require KBI approval of the form, rather than preparation; information in addition to that already required; and that the signature of the offender be witnessed by the registering officer. In KSA , a first conviction of failure to comply with the provisions of the Act becomes a severity level 5, person felony, formerly a level 6, person felony ; a second conviction remains a level 5, person felony; and a third or subsequent conviction becomes a level 3, person felony. Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. The district court continued sentencing, however, to allow the parties to brief whether Graves was also entitled to credit for the 93 days he spent while on bond at the Residential Center pending the disposition of his case. Our Supreme Court reasoned that the critical factor in the case was that Guzman had been released on bond. The bill would provide that the evaluation would be required to meet the standards of assessment set by the Secretary of Social and Rehabilitation Services and be accepted in any jurisdiction, and that a copy be provided to the defense attorney. This is specialized clerical and customer service work of intermediate difficulty performed in a judicial setting.

But the prosecutor needs to have a pretty strong case for me to tell my client to accept those terms without a fight. A charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs affects you in two ways: a criminal charges that could result in jail time, and b your right to drive.

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We protect your rights in court and fight to maintain your driving privileges. Most DUIs happen to ordinary people who made a mistake by getting behind the wheel after having a few too many. What most people don't know is that jail time is a very good possibility for those charged with and convicted of driving under the influence. Keeping clients out of jail is always Mr.

Stone's first priority.

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Gary D. Stone is a former prosecutor who has worked on both sides of DUI matters for the past 20 years.

He investigates every aspect of your case for opportunities to build your defense. He will examine whether the officer had probable cause to stop you, remove you from the vehicle, administer tests, and take you into custody. He will examine whether Intoxilyzer results are scientifically and legally sound, and will obtain video evidence from the dash-mounted camera to see if the police administered the tests properly. If the tape is not preserved, the officer's testimony may be inadmissible in court. Too much is at stake to trust your defense to just anyone.

Contact a proven DUI defense lawyer who is committed to obtaining the most favorable result for you.

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For a free consultation , contact Mr. Stone at , or at to reach him directly. Please enter a valid email address. Johnson County Kansas 2. Civilian Specialists assist in providing an environment that is professional and humane for all inmates as charged to the Sheriff by Kansas State Statute.

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Police Officer. University of Kansas 4. Departmental tours are available to those wanting to learn more about the Public Safety Office at KU. Police Officers regularly conduct criminal investigations,…. Juvenile Detention Corrections Officer. Douglas County is accepting applications for a 3-month pool October-December of candidates for Juvenile Detention Corrections Officers. Court Clerk I - Municipal Court. This is specialized clerical and customer service work of intermediate difficulty performed in a judicial setting.

Monday through Friday, a. Deputy Sheriff.

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Johnson County offers an excellent compensation and benefits package including health, dental, vision, life insurance, vacation and sick leave, short-term…. Police Records Clerk - Police Department. Must type at least 40 wpm Dictaphone test given and successfully pass a basic Microsoft Word test. Additional duties include researching and preparing…. Correctional Advisor Corrections Officer I.