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VIN locations? (1965)

Joined Aug 28, JoeKramer said:. Joined Oct 17, Swapping VINs is federally illegal. No ifs, ands, or buts. Joined Apr 12, I believe you would have to start with "Junking" the clean car's title which can be done as well. I forget all the specifics I asked what would be the scenario for replacing a dash in a car under restoration.

I left the assumption that nothing had been done at this point.

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I told him that we had a car with a clean title, all paperwork was in order and the serial numbers matched. I told him that we had a parts car-clear also but in disrepair, and that we intended to replace the dash in the project car with the dash from the parts car. He stated that in all likelihood they would issue a new North Carolina issued serial number that will take the place of the VIN on the dash of the project car and that it would also be added to a tag that would be attached to your door.

Your original VIN from your project car would become a secondary identification number added to your title.


I asked what would he have to see to add that. Thus a 'Salvage' type of title. I asked what would happen if we just move the VIN to the dash from the project car. He reminded me that 'tampering with a VIN in any manner is a felony'. It might be, according to this case: The court held in Greenway v.

State, 8 Md.

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Code art. While the evidence clearly showed that the repairman had in his possession a vehicle containing an engine which he admitted had been removed from another vehicle and whose VIN had been covered by a bead of weld, it was not shown that he ever had direct contact with the engine, either in purchasing it, receiving it after it was purchased, or removing it from one car and installing it in the other.

Nevertheless, the court recognized that the repairman admitted he knew the provisions of the statute and therefore the court held that he deliberately "shut his eyes" so he would not have knowledge that the VIN on the engine in his possession had been defaced. The court noted that the engine was easily accessible to him while in his possession and it was immaterial, in the face of the statute, that engine numbers may not be required on certificates of title and that the statute does not provide specifically that failure to make a reasonable inspection means knowledge.

He thus acted at his peril, concluded the court, and could be deemed as having "knowledge" of the fact that the engine VIN was defaced. There are ways to replace a lot of parts on a car while keeping the VIN, but not cutting one VIN off a wrecked car to transplant it onto a better car.

If the main problem here is a title for the better car, why not apply for one at the DMV?

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That seems to be the much safer, legal way. Joined Mar 7, What do you do when buying new fender aprons? Cut the old no. Out and weld it in or restamp it? If you repace the back one I guess you just forget those, but what if you replace the front one. Or just leave those cars alone, that one is probably the easy one to check out before buying anyway. Joined Mar 5, If you farm the job out to a body shop they have no idea what they are doing and simply replace the apron and pitch it.

I see this frequently when appraising these old cars. Then I have to tell the owner they do not appear to have a legal VIN on their car. Then life goes on and the car is happily driven. Most people, including the police, don't even know where to find the VIN on an old car.

Your vehicle identification number, or VIN, is a 17-digit alphanumeric code.

Decoding Mustang Vehicle Identification Numbers (Mustang VIN Decoder Guide) AmericanMuscle has the largest selection of aftermarket perfromance parts. Your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, can tell you a lot of information about your Ford Mustang. Decode your VIN here in CJ's Resource.

How about on a legit 65 where the VIN is so coated with paint you can't read it? I would not worry about the police. If you do something so bizarre to tick them off they look for VIN's on your car I think you have bigger problems. Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook.

Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Read More. Guys, I'm awaiting my motor to come back, so while it's out, I want to freshen up the front suspension of my 68 fastback. For the most part, everything looks pretty good. I just want to replace bushings and grease caps, etc. There's seems to be a crap-load of stuff on line, but does anyone Select a Model. Search Catalog. Search By Vehicle Identification Number. Logout View Account. Find a Dealer.

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