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California Fictitious Business Names

The new statement need not be re-published if the information contained in the new statement previously filed has not changed from originally filed statement and the new filing is filed within 40 days of expiration of the previous statement.

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A statement expires 40 days after any change in the facts contained in the statement except that a change in the residence address of an individual. A statement also expires when an abandonment has been filed.

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A person who has filed a statement shall, upon ceasing to transact business in this state under that fictitious name, file and publish a statement of abandonment, and file an affidavit of publication. Forms for this purpose are available in the County Clerk's Office. The Statement of Abandonment form may be downloaded by clicking here.

To view the fees associated with filing an Abandonment, please click here to view our Fee Schedule. Withdrawal of a General Partner. A general partner of a partnership having a statement on file may file a statement of withdrawal, publish and file an affidavit of publication.

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Publication is not required if dissolution of the partnership has been published pursuant to the Corporations Code. The Statement of Withdrawal form may be downloaded by clicking here.

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To view the fees associated with filing a Withdrawal of a General Partner, please click here to view our Fee Schedule. Trustees, Guardians, Administrators, Assignees, and Purchasers. Whenever failure to comply with this law would preclude taking legal action to recover monies due, a trustee in bankruptcy, an administrator of the estate or an assignee or purchaser of the business may file the fictitious name statement.

However, it can be tricky to find the information you need about these recorder offices. The hours, filing fees, and recording requirements can vary significantly.

And these requirements -- while seemingly minor -- can make a big impact on your ability successful get your lien document recorded. This is a directory of all California county recorder offices, but more, it is specifically a directory of the offices where it is appropriate to file a California mechanic's lien.

Sacramento County Clerk / Recorder

There are so many different governmental recording offices, it's important to get clear direction about which one you need to visit, and what exact rules and requirements you need to follow to get your document recorded successfully. Find the county office in the list below, and click the link for more specific information, filing requirements, a filing fee calculator, frequently asked questions, and more.

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Starting June 24, , the Sacramento County Clerk/Recorder's Office will be Search favorites or shortcuts you have to the new Public Search page. Preserves the official archive of legally recordable documents; Maintains records of all. Sacramento County's index of recorded documents is available online to perform a The fee for a certified copy is $ for the first page and $ for each.

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