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How to Verify Past Employment History

Select at least one site and begin a basic employment history search on the home page of the site. Check the names that the website returns after the preliminary search. In some cases, the website will return a list of several different names.

If you have entered a Social Security number, you will normally find that only one name will match that number, which simplifies the process. If you have not entered a Social Security number, select the person by verifying details such as age and state of residence. Perform the employment history search on the chosen person by choosing "proceed now. Prior to conducting an employment history search, check both local and state laws pertaining to background investigations.

Social Good

Waiting to disclose until the interview means that a possibly biased employer doesn't have the opportunity to block you from interviewing. You have a better chance of being judged fairly and also have the chance to perform well during the interview.

Possible Negatives: The employer might feel that waiting to disclose until the interview is a dishonest way to represent yourself. They might not hire you because they feel you aren't trustworthy.

What Happens if You Have a Bad Record or Bad Credit?

The employer may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed because they didn't expect a person with a visual impairment and they have a lack of experience with persons with disabilities. The employer may have had bad experiences with persons with disabilities in the past or have heard stories of bad experiences. The employer may see your disability as a legal liability and won't want to run the risk of hiring you because they think you have a higher chance of getting injured, or that you would accuse them of discrimination.

Disclosure right after you are hired and on the job.

Everything you need to know about employment history verification

Possible Positives: You are hired without having to negotiate biases or run the risk of getting excluded from consideration because of your disability. Possible Negatives: Waiting to disclose until after you're on the job might make your employer feel they can't trust you. They may work to accommodate your disability, but you may have damaged a professional relationship. Because they don't want to accommodate your disability, or because they are biased, your employer may find a reason to get rid of you other than your visual impairment.

Your employer feels they have been forced into something without complete knowledge of the consequences.

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Your employer may interpret your delay in disclosure as a lack of confidence in your abilities. Your employer may think you purposely waited to disclose so that you can pursue a lawsuit.

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Obtain a copy of the resume of the person whose employment history you need. Read the "work history" or "past employers" section of the resume and If you have entered a Social Security number, you will normally find. Tracking down a person's place of employment is either a breeze or a you could find where they currently work—and any previous places of.

This may damage your professional relationship and reputation. Disclosure only when it becomes an issue on the job. You are able to prove your worth on the job. Possible Negatives: You have to hide something that is a part of who you are.

How We Decide If You Are Disabled

Your employer may notice that you struggle with some tasks and begin to think that you have a cognitive issue. Your employer may become unhappy with your performance and begin documenting these issues. You may eventually disclose your disability to your boss, but at that point the decision to fire you may have already been made. Because the employer was not aware of your disability at the time they made the decision to fire you, you are not covered under the ADA.

Because you disclose so late in the game, the employer feels that you are simply making excuses for work performance issues. Because you wait so long to disclose, the employer feels that you have misrepresented yourself and not been honest with the staff. Your employer may feel that you are not comfortable with having a disability and this may make them uncomfortable around you. Join Our Mission Help us expand our resources for people with vision loss.

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Donate to APH. Our Mission APHCareerConnect provides employment information, career exploration tools, and job seeking guidance for individuals with vision loss and the professionals who work with them.

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