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Tacoma, Washington

Herrera then drove away from the officers as they were going towards the driver's-side window, initiating a vehicle pursuit. After his Oldsmobile was blocked by a patrol car, Buena Park police officer, Ron Furtado, ran up to the driver's-side window and ordered Herrera to put his hands up. Furtado then shot Herrera in the head as he was allegedly leaning over the seat to grab a weapon. Bell was tased four times and then shot in the head by officer Albert Gonzalez after a traffic stop.

Four officers were involved. Bell was unarmed. The incident occurred in Bell's driveway while his mother and sister watched. Officer Strausbaugh killed himself in October Walters was shot by Kern County Sheriffs deputies after a standoff outside his home. Shot after pointing gun at police and using officer's Taser on two officers. California Farmersville.

Wanted for shooting and wounding a California Highway Patrol Officer on April 10, Bochat was found in a Farmersville residence but he fled in a vehicle. Officers shot at the vehicle, disabling it. When he emerged from the vehicle, rifle in hand, he was shot and killed by officers. Perez was pulled over for failure to signal a turn. After some kind of altercation witnesses say he did not even take off his seatbelt, and he was unarmed , officer Jason Sery fired three rounds into his vehicle.

Died from broken larynx suffered as a police officer wrapped his arm around Jackson's neck to subdue him during an arrest. Walker mistook Cardenas for a wanted fugitive, and shot him during a foot chase. Cardenas engaged in a car chase with Walker before the foot chase, and Walker claimed Cardenas had a weapon on him and was pulling it out before he shot him. Walker was charged with voluntary manslaughter but was found not guilty.

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Shot after shooting at deputies. Officers were responding to a report of a home invasion were two people were killed. Officers chased the suspect into the woods where he shot at them. Two Bakersfield police officers were investigating a report of attempted burglary in a mobile home park.

The officers said they fired their weapons when the suspect drove a car toward them. The passenger in the car was wounded by police gunfire. Timothy Stansbury. Shot during traffic stop on suspicion of drug possession. Shot in the head by a SWAT team sniper outside of his home. Police allege that Reed was armed, but no weapons were found. Shot in the head while allegedly resisting arrest.

Shooting of Cau Bich Tran. Tran, a woman enduring a mental health crisis, was shot once in the chest by a police officer in her apartment after a neighbor called police to report a disturbance. Tran had a vegetable peeler and was shot several seconds after officers arrived to her home.

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Harlem New York. Long time New York City government employee Alberta Spruill was killed when police raided the wrong apartment. The informant pointed out Spruills apartment 6F as a stash house of drugs, guns and guard dogs. She died of heart failure due to the use of stun grenades. The tipster came into the 25th precinct and identified two apartments as stash houses for drugs and guns.


The police arrested and convicted the drug dealer a week prior. Without doing any background check on Ms.

Spruill they acquired a no knock warrant and proceeded to raid her apartment on the morning of May No drugs, guns or guard dogs were recovered. She informed the officers of her heart condition and an ambulance was called. The raid began at am and by 7am, Ms. Spruill was deceased. Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly both expressed sympathy and acknowledged the negligence.

She is remembered as a churchgoing woman who would give candy bags out to the neighborhood kids. Died of "sudden cardiovascular collapse" during struggle with police. The police were responding to report of a naked and bleeding man in apartment parking lot who was yelling and banging on doors. Wife of Tacoma Chief of Police David Brame, killed by her husband in a murder-suicide two months after she filed for divorce citing a long history of domestic abuse.

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Priority 3. Taylor v. Can you help?? Compare K. Whitley escaped and was captured the next day. In Memory of Taylor Danielle Spivey and all the others struggling with addiction.

Shot in a subway terminal. An officer had broken up a fight involving another man and Pleasance was standing nearby when the officer shot him in the head.


The officer was suspended for 30 days and later promoted. Shot after lunging at police with knife. Police were responding to report of a man attempting to enter his mother's home by force.

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Died of "mechanical asphyxiation" as a result of arresting state trooper putting weight on Weigel's back while handcuffing Weigel on the ground. Died from injuries following police use of a PIT maneuver on suspect's vehicle. Fifty-year-old African-American Taylor was shot multiple times in his apartment on St.

Catherine Blvd. The two arresting LMPD officers alleged that he'd tried to cut them with a box-cutter he apparently had in his back pocket. Officers were acquitted of all charges. Nelson was shot by officer Dan Lovelace. According to Lovelace, Nelson was driving towards him with her car, but prosecutors said they believed that Lovelace's life was not in danger when he shot Nelson. Lovelace was charged with second-degree murder, and was not found not guilty. He was fired from the Chandler Police Department. A Madera Police officer shot Torres as he sat, handcuffed, in the back of a police car.

He had been arrested for resisting as police tried to quiet a loud party. The officer reported that she had intended to reach for her Taser but grabbed her firearm instead.

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Arnold died of positional asphyxiation after being beaten by police in his front yard, hogtied, and placed face down in the police wagon. Officers were responding to a reports of Arnold, a schizophrenic, walking around and talking to himself. They negotiated for several hours for his surrender.

Officers say he was shot and killed when he exited the camper with an assault rifle. He had been sought for killing a Fresno County Sheriff's deputy May Police were responding to a call from a security guard that a man was assaulting a 3-year-old boy.

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The police were informed by the guard that the man could be armed with a handgun. When police arrived, they ordered Hammick to stop.

The officers considered using their mace and batons to subdue Hammick, but decided that the motel room was small and that Hammick was too large. Police fired a shot through a broken window, wounding Hammick. Four shots in total were then fired, killing Hammick. He was found to be unarmed, but had PCP and Methamphetamine in his system.

Before the incident, Hammick called between AM and AM to report a noise complaint about a local dance club across the street from the motel. Later, Hammick called at AM, threatening to kill the 3-year-old boy.

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Shot after placing a gun to officer's head. Shot after shooting at officer. Police were responding to report of an armed robbery of a hotel. A man running from the scene matched suspects description and was commanded to stop. Harris was shot while grabbing a police officer's gun and refusing to let go, after a car chase with police. Mike Hetle, a Bellevue, Washington police officer, confronted Martinez as he was driving away from the scene of an alleged domestic dispute with his cousin.

Hetle was given erroneous information by a dispatcher who claimed that Martinez was known for being a repeat offender for domestic violence. Hetle ordered Martinez, in English, to get out of the car and, in Spanish, to put his hands up. Martinez did not comply and began to pull something from his waistband, which was later found out to be a wallet. Hetle then shot Martinez two times, believing he was in danger []. Johnson was killed by Bakersfield Police officers. They were investigating gunshots and chased Johnson.

He fired at them several times, striking an officer and a woman. The wounded officer shot and killed Johnson. Shot and killed after leading troopers on a car chase. Anthony Dwain Lee was shot by police while carrying a rubber toy gun at a Halloween party.