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How Birth Certificates Are Being Weaponized Against Trans People

By law, only certain persons are entitled to copies of vital records. Applications and forms for requesting vital records can be found on the Virginia Department of Health website. Requests by mail should be sent to the contact information on the right. The following information must be provided with any request:. The usual turnaround time for regular request by mail is three to five working days. Skip to Main Content.

We are committed to meeting our customer's needs and expectations with quality service. Requesting Vital Records Applications and forms for requesting vital records can be found on the Virginia Department of Health website.

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Gavin Grimm v. As of , the Transgender Law Center lists four states—Idaho, Kansas, Ohio, and Tennessee—as barring transgender persons from changing their gender on a birth certificate.

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Vital Registration Corrections and Amendments. Since Birth, Death and Marriage certificates are legal documents, the State of West Virginia. The Vital Registration Office is the state's official repository of birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. These records are collectively referred to as “Vital .

Since the list was compiled, federal judges in Puerto Rico and Idaho have struck down the no-gender-change policies. Lawsuits are pending in Kansas and Ohio.

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Sixteen of the states require transgender applicants to produce proof that they have undergone some form of gender-reassignment surgery. Faulkner University law professor Adam J. MacLeod argues that these changes to birth certificates should not be made:.

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As embodied beings, our identity is constituted in large part in our biological reality. Each of us inherits for better and worse the biological basis for his identity from his father and mother. It seems clear, however, that what we call birth certificates are not scientific or medical documents.


General Purpose Quitclaim deeds , promissory notes , rental agreements and other forms for a variety of audiences. Why would this record be sealed if it was so long ago? I was in Foster care with the family that eventually adopted me in This finding would necessarily entail that any dependent of a person who has died should file for death benefits with the glimmering hope that some evidence might later present itself showing that the death was work-related. The county where I was adopted or the county I was born.

The birth certificate, issued later, is primarily used as a form of identification. It is frequently altered later in life—most commonly after adoption, when most states allow the adoptive parent or parents to be substituted for those recorded at birth. Transgender people seek the same opportunity to make their birth certificates match their present identity. Many—but not all—transgender people experience high levels of distress about their gender identity—but much of it, psychiatrists now believe, arises less from the identity itself but from the fact that society refuses to accept the gender identity they express.

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Controversies continue over diagnostic criteria and the proper treatment of children with dysphoria. But the mainstream of science and medicine now recognizes transgender status as genuine.

Whatever its clinical name, it is not a pathology. States will amend birth certificates for adopted children and for children conceived by artificial insemination.

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Why not for those who can provide medical documentation of their proper gender identity? The opposition to recognition of transgender status makes the claim, first and foremost, that they are sticking up for science. There are two and only two sexes, male and female, they argue, and one is born one or the other. Behind the dispute, as Anderson readily admits, lurks a complex of beliefs that does not qualify as scientific—individual matters of conscience.

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Here is our old friend Walter Plecker, enforcing binaries in the name of science. What is curious is that some people who claim skepticism of big government in other areas are eager for it in this one. We can trust government to determine who we really are, and to make us wear that label for life. They have stepped up for those whose voices, debilitated by raw discrimination, have been hushed into silence.