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AT&T to stop mass distribution of White Pages

In the age of the Internet and smartphones most people just have better alternatives for searching residential landline phone numbers.

When is my phone service listed in the White Pages?

CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts. You should contact Dex or the other independent directory publisher in which you desire to have end-user listings appear. Tell us what you think. The LSOG will aid you in identifying when to use each specific form and the rules for completing it. A jeopardy occurs on a service request if a condition exists that threatens timely completion. View CenturyLink courses by clicking on Course Catalog. First, it must be noted that the physical, printed white pages are increasingly an endangered species.

The opt-in system Verizon will be offering in California not only makes sense, but also shows how unsuitable the opt-out system we had so far was. Basically it was a lose-lose situation where Verizon probably lost money on printing and delivering these phonebooks no ads.. On the national level, banthephonebook.

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Everyone wins here — the state, the phone company and the consumers. So you can understand why the Yellow Pages publishers are not eager to change their model from opt-out to opt-in.

Not eager for a change might be an understatement. The Yellow Pages Association is suing the City of San Francisco who approved last month an opt-in system, where Yellow Pages can be delivered only to those who request them.

ugofinyjymux.tk The lawsuit, filed earlier this month claims the new law will hurt San Francisco's "poorest, oldest and least English-proficient" residents. This is not their only legal fight.

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In addition to setting up a local opt-out registry, distributors in Seattle will need to pay a license fee and fees for each book and each ton of books delivered. The publishers claim the law is unconstitutional violates their First Amendment rights to free speech and will hurt them financially.

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Read more stories by Raz Godelnik. Third, you can contact Verizon Wireless at and ask for a "foreign listing" - you don't actually have to have a Verizon number to get into their wireless directory.

Fourth, you can call your local , ask for your listing and then when you are told that there is no such business listing, tell them you are the owner of the business and ask them how to get listed. In the worst case, you can a new number with your local phone company and have it forward to your other numbers.

It costs money but it might be worth it.

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Have a listing and being in the various online directories e. For that, you will need to call the company that puts out the White Pages.

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To make changes to your White Pages residential listing you'll need to contact your landline service provider or mobile phone service provider (depending on. Please check our Yellow Pages and White Pages book close dates to be sure you lodge your advertisement with us in time. testimonial icon.

Follow Here are four quick and easy things to do to get a business phone listing. Have more questions?