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Use Archives. Pay-for-use after the seven day free trial. Index for marriages in western states, including mostly pre marriages in Arizona, Idaho and Nevada. Clark County, Nevada Government and Services. Marriage Inquiry System.

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Index provided by Ancestry. An overview of vital records for this state and information for getting them by mail or online. USGenWeb Archives. Marriage Project. Information and guidelines on acquiring vital records information in the United States. Includes state and county contact and pricing information.

Designed and developed by fusionSpan. A minister often made periodic rounds to outlying settlements in the countryside. The time period between a couple's betrothal, their possibly "consummating the agreement" to see if they can have children, and the official ceremony can bring up legitimacy questions between the date of the official ceremony and the birth of the first child.

The marriage certificate gives the name of the official and possibly the name the church. The quality of records and the type of information kept will vary greatly by church. It doesn't hurt to see what if any additional information they may have. Some churches, like those in parts of Austria, may have kept a house or family record which included the marriage date, the bride's maiden name, and even the house family that she came from.

Many genealogical and historical societies have created indexes of the marriages that were published in local papers. These indexes can be on index cards in the local library, published in newsletters or booklets, or available in an on-line database.

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There have also been a number of books published on extracted marriages and deaths for a certain newspaper within a date range. Search the Internet and on-line card catalogs by city, newspapers, and marriage. Volume 1 covers - and it has an alphabetical listing by groom and then a listing by bride showing the spouse and issue date.

Indexes help to quickly identify the correct issue. If there is not an index then search the local papers until well after the marriage date.

Also check the newspapers in the couple's or their family's hometown well after the event. When reviewing a newspaper be sure to look for other items such as "licenses issued", "society news", "church events. Review a few issues before the marriage since there might even be articles about upcoming events or visitors coming to town.

Unfortunately the publication of the detailed modern marriage announcements are often more than several months after the event. Without an index or online search capability locating them can be difficult. Every name is not always indexed. Also try searching for "Marriage" or the title of the column that carried the vital records.

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See the article " Extra! Read All About Your Ancestors " for more information on newspaper research. Be sure to check at books. Also, find a book at WorldCat and then search for a digital version. Post a Query - networking by county or family may help you locate another family member who has a copy of the marriage certificate and can send a copy to you.

Some states still recognize a common law marriage while others previously did. Where it was legal if two people lived as husband and wife for a period of time, usually seven years, then they were considered married. There was no "official record" however it was still considered a legal marriage. In other states living together was just an illegal co-habitation. There is no such thing as a common law divorce. Finding several people with the same last name getting married on the same day by the same official might be a clue that they are related.

West married Margaret Watson by Rev. June 1, Sewell Parker married Laura E.

Marriage and Divorce Records

West by Rev. The following Marriage Bonds of Campbell Co. Virginia are interesting:. William, Mary, and Permillia Johnson were supposedly a brother and sisters of my great great-grandfather Henry and the children of a James Johnson and a Rebecca Jones. The marriage bonds help to tie William and Mary together. A newspaper entry adds an interesting twist.

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Fosdick, William married on Jan. James Johnston by the Rev. Henry Brown. All of Campbell Co.

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The Venetian Resort. I'm not sure how Scotland does it. No problem! Birth Records Birth records often refer to the certificates issued upon the birth of each and every child across the state of Nevada, or a certified copy of this certificate. No one can obtain a certified copy of this information if they are not listed on the license, your immediate family member, or your legal representative.

Bride 25 years old, groom 75 years old. The Lynchburg Virginian Jan. First, note that the bond was dated Jan. Now for a few questions: Would a living father allow his daughter to marry someone 50 years older? Were they in desperate financial need?

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Did something happen to the James between and ? Had he moved away or died? Henry lived with an uncle until William and Mary Fosdick did have two children that were named James and Rebecca.

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You may also write to us for a marriage record search: Clark County Clerk Box Las Vegas, NV The fee is $ for a plain. Comprehensive listing of County records. Court records (Las Vegas Justice Court) ¬∑ Death certificates‚Äč ¬∑ Divorce Forms Marriage records.

Were they named after Mary's parents? As shown here, a few simple facts can be used to generate a number of questions and possible avenues for future research. Try to locate all of the jurisdictional and church marriage records along with any newspaper articles since they each might have slightly different information. I just read about a couple that was married in Vienna, Austria in the early s. They had a Jewish service for the husband's family, an Anglican service for the wife, and then they still had to have a civil ceremony at the town hall. Their marriage like many others lasted until "death us do part" but the records that were created continue on.

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Jeffrey A. Search this site. Navigation Jeffrey A. About Jeff Bockman. Jeff's Articles on Genealogy. Lecture Topics. Travel Programs. Genealogy According to Jeff. Travel Photography. Jeff's Ancestors. Slovenian Records. Contact Jeff. Original Marriage Certificates - were printed by the state, jurisdiction, or the church and were completed by the person performing the ceremony, signed by the witnesses, and then given to the couple.