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Some examples of small claims cases may include disputes over deposits, warranties, repairs, loans, damages, and more.

The small claims court also has the power to order a defendant into paying a fee. The appeals processes and the court limits also differ across small claims courts and civil courts in New Jersey. Pretrial discovery is allowed in civil courts, but not in any small claims cases.

Either party can also appeal a decision made in civil court, whereas only the defendant or sued party may appeal a decision in the small claims court. A person may hire a lawyer to represent them and file papers on their behalf in civil courts in New Jersey, but neither are allowed in small claims courts.

This Act was brought in to ensure that all state residents had the fundamental right to access any public record they please. Any record held by the local or state government can be accessed and copied, as long as another law does not prohibit it. This promotes a sense of transparency between the public and their government, as well as safeguarding government accountability.

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Last Name:. How do New Jersey Courts work?

Civil Cases and Small Claims Civil cases and small claims cases in New Jersey are structured very differently, from the type of case heard to the amount of money claimed. Search for criminals in Woodbridge, New Jersey using the form above. Our background checks will show you an in-depth background report for the person searched when available.

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The most common crime committed in New Jersey is Property Crimes at a rate of 0. Larceny Theft is the second most likely offense committed at a rate of 0.

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Your chances of being a victim of aggravated assault in Woodbridge is 0. Woodbridge New Jersey National.

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Your chances of being a victim of arson in Woodbridge is 0. Your chances of being a victim of burglary in Woodbridge is 0.

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Your chances of being a victim of forcible rape in Woodbridge is 0. Your chances of being a victim of larceny theft in Woodbridge is 2. Your chances of being a victim of motor vehicle theft in Woodbridge is 0.

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Our staff features bilingual attorneys, certified trial lawyers and professional mediators and arbitrators. General compliance by County Clerk has marriage, divorce, court and land records. S Date: August 1, Docket Number: a Here are a few to get you started: How long have you been in practice? Middlesex County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. Lawyer Philip E.

Your chances of being a victim of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter in Woodbridge is 0. Your chances of being a victim of property crimes in Woodbridge is 2.