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Now when you go to Search Engine Optimization tab you will be able to see the keywords people are searching to find your blog Google calls them Queries. This tells you what phrases your blog shows up for in Google the most.

If your click through rate is low for high impressions and the query is relevant to the post , try making adjustments to your title, meta title and description to make it more enticing to click on your site. I like to sort by clicks to see what search terms are bringing people to my blog. This will show you the subjects on your blog that are performing well for search engines.


If you want to see which search terms you are ranking the highest for, sort by average position 1 is highest. The Landing Pages tab under Search Engine Optimization tells you which pages people clicked through your site. You can sort with the same sections as the query page.

I find it interesting and helpful to see what pages my search traffic lands on. Have fun discovering what people are searching for to find your blog! Use the knowledge to improve your titles and descriptions and to continue to produce content that ranks well on search engines. I'm Kristie, but you probably guessed that.

I'm here to help you with the technical, social, and business sides of blogging so that you can focus on the most important part of your blog: your content.

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Learn more about Tim. Article stats Twitter Referring domains Organic traffic Are you wondering what people in the United States and around the World are searching for the most? Article by: Tim Soulo. From there, you can find out what it is across all of these sites that is generating the most search traffic, and then identify content gaps in order to provide superior content to your audience by properly answering their questions.

While this is a bit more remedial of a way of finding out what questions your audience is asking, it still works nonetheless. Typing in a few related keywords and search terms into Google is a very quick way to find out what your audience is looking for in web content and what mediums they are searching for it in. Google also provides longer tail keyword phrases in the form of questions which people have also asked related to those searches.

As you click on them, more and more appear on the bottom, to give you a comprehensive list of the questions that people in your industry want to know the answers to. Keywords Everywhere is a free content marketing tool that can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Store. This plugin allows you to easily see even more long tail searches and questions that people are asking about your industry.

Each one is displayed with search volume, price and competition, so you can see just how important it is to rank for it, and how hard it will be to do so.

Answer the Public is probably one of our favorite accidental discoveries of an amazing content marketing tool that can help you find what your audience is looking for on Google. This tool helps you to find hundreds of questions related directly to your search term in order to help you find what people are asking in your audience and also how many people are searching for it. In combination with Keywords Everywhere, this tool is probably one of the most powerful content marketing tools that can help you plan out your content in advance because it allows you to find what questions your audience is asking.

BuzzSumo is a tool you can use to reverse engineer the process of finding popular blog topics.

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Basically, you type in the topic you are looking for, and then BuzzSumo finds the most shared content about that topic across all social media platforms. This is a very helpful tool for content marketers looking to find out what their audience is asking because it allows you to find out which content gets the most clicks and shares.

The one thing that you must take into consideration with this tool is that some sites just get a lot of traffic to start with, so they may not necessarily have the best or most relevant content in the space just because they are in the top spots in a BuzzSumo search. Forums and social media groups are perhaps the best way to find out exactly what your audience is asking. They give you real time insight into the developments within an industry, and give you a gateway through which to communicate with your audience directly.

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Depending on your industry, there are all sorts of forums and social media groups you can join in order to help you find what your audience is searching for. Also, you will want to try and find forums that are specific to your industry. Forums are a very powerful and very underutilized tool for finding out what your audience is looking for in blog content.

Use them to your advantage. Okay, so you have found a bunch of questions that your audience is asking on a frequent basis which you feel you should design content in order to answer. There are a few easy ways you can outline your blog content to help you achieve this task. Take 5 to 10 similar questions that you have found and group them together. This will be the backbone of your content.

From here, your should have a good starting point for a great piece of content. The beauty of using this technique is that by taking only 5 to 10 questions, you can remain very specific and comprehensive with your content.

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A description of a typical search process helps to explain. Good advice. Google also offers a section at the bottom of Google search results called Google Searches related to. Lastly, KeywordTool. Google Alerts is similar to Buzzsumo, except you can have unlimited alerts for free. Finding Out Who Is Searching For You Now you have the tools you need to figure out who is searching for you or at least get a good guess. To put yourself in the eyes of your audience is one of the most important things you can do in order to make high quality web content for them.

The reason we recommend starting with 5 main questions your audience is asking frequently is that if you are doing content marketing the right way, you will run into questions related to the topics within your outline. You cannot really explain the answer to most questions without the audience needing to have a base knowledge of at least a few related topics.