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The two enemies are then driven in a van for a number of hours. Unbeknownst to either of them, MI5 is listening in with a spy camera and microphone, and can communicate with the young driver, who is given leeway to speak to his passengers and encourage discussion. Paisley and McGuinness remain implacable to one another in defense of their past actions. Paisley sees McGuinness as a terrorist and murderer, while McGuinness sees Paisley as a man who used his influence and power to encourage violence.

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McGuinness, seeing his past actions as part of a broader civil war that might soon be over, continues to speak to Paisley in the hope that they can seal a permanent peace agreement. The driver is then instructed by MI5 to take a diversion into a forest. This, along with the departure of a security detail following the van, begins to raise suspicions in McGuinness.

Suddenly the van driver hits the brakes and the vehicle slides into a stack of timber next to the road, piercing a tire. The driver claims to have hit a deer, but McGuinness and Paisley see no blood on the front of the car. While McGuinness and Paisley wander in the woods and continue to talk, the driver urgently speaks to MI5 and reveals that he does not know how to change a flat tire. In the woods, the two enemies continue to argue their points and defend their actions to one another.

McGuinness also begins to wonder if their current situation had been planned, with the possibility that one or both of them might be assassinated in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

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The Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Michigan. The Circuit Court is located in the County Complex Building at Clay St., Lapeer, MI. The Family Court handles divorces and cases involving paternity, custody , PM, FH, WILLIAMS,DANIEL,JOHN, PAYMENT REVIEW HEARING. Name: Jon Goulding . ADAMS, JOHN D. HIPP STREET. TAYLOR. MI. CALIFORNIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

The discovery of the fatally wounded deer confirms to them both that their situation was not planned. When encouraged to kill the dying animal by Paisley, McGuinness picks up a heavy rock but eventually refuses to do the deed, surprising Paisley. As the driver changes the tire, the two then find their way to a disused Protestant church, where Paisley identifies various martyrs in the stained glass windows as being from Foxe's Book of Martyrs. They wander outside in a cemetery, and the topic of the Enniskillen bombing is brought up.

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Paisley rages at the IRA and McGuinness for the bombing, which killed innocent bystanders and not the soldiers that were being targeted. McGuinness admits that the bombing was wrong and that it caused the IRA to question its actions. He also reveals to Paisley the conversation he had with his young daughter about the bombing, and how it made him feel.

Paisley viciously responds to McGuinness' honesty by claiming that he was crying crocodile tears. The heated argument convinces McGuinness that there is no point continuing, and he refuses to re-enter the van. Paisley then states that his own "bark" is worse than his "bite", which indicates to McGuinness that while Paisley may not be apologetic, he is at least conciliatory. The van drives off with both men inside. As the van gets nearer to the airport the driver realises they need fuel.

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They pull over at a service station but the driver's credit card no longer works since it was bent during the changing of the tire. Kermit Gosnell , the West Philadelphia abortionist accused of murdering a woman and three babies who were born alive after surviving abortions, who was found guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of those three babies. Originally from Ireland but now residing in Venice, California, the husband-and-wife team behind the movie are best-selling author, journalist, film producer and director McElhinney and McAleer, a producer, veteran investigative journalist and playwright.

I was in Philadelphia with a few days off between screenings. I saw in the local newspapers that there was this interesting court case going on. The book is detailed and tough. The film is much more palatable — much more accessible. We deliberately made it PG so that it could have a wide audience. We made sure there was nothing [visually] disturbing, but that the truth about this story was told. They may give themselves lots of awards for being brave, but their idea of being brave is producing content that all their friends agree with.

You have been living with this horror story for some time now. What has been its impact on you? It has been very disturbing, but it has also been an honor to tell this story. I Tate, James Charles F III Wheeler,'James Clair County; Greenleaf P. Fremont P. Vogel; L.

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